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Prince Harry Playing Polo

1 Comment 🕔12. May 2012

Prince Harry and a magnificent white horse play polo in Surrey, England.

Prince Harry

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  1. 🕔 11:55, 14.May 2012

    Va'leria Valeria

    I love horses and the majesty ,and graceful power a horse has .Especially well train and loved…..It would shine above the rest.Someone on a comment esle where said.I refused to belief when picking a mate it is soully ,breeding and royal blood.Yet,the horse is exactly the point.When an pure breed horse is place with another it bring about the grace and power of majesty.When you have a horse from workman stock hosres line it does not bear the grace,mindset of meant to be  a race horse.Workmen horse is based on bloodline and it natural ability.As well dna to a royal monarchy.So  i said i don’t feel the way a coward feel.Life is about truth and facing the realist to the future meant for you.How can a workingclass woman ever be queen when she was a born workingclass not born of royalty.Lady Diana Spencer ,monarchy born by a long line of royal hiers to her,she was raise around the royal family and her mother a handmaid to the Queen…Kate Middleton has to get a workingclass schlorship for college instead of elite in monarchy wealth,has no schooling in culture,no royal bloodline to fit in,has no knowhow in order for her to maintain.. People have to lie for Kate Middleton to be okay,they lie about her past history of drugs (show no self respect),parties ,hooker dressing while dating william,showed no understanding of proper dressing,no real education in thinking…..I mean this generation’s version of class is drugs,parties,hooker dressing and vulgarty mouth.Illmind and no standards of class.They have a calulating sin inorder to make william and charles to marry them ,they are not the voice of the future only the elussion to the sin they carry….I hope for Hrh Prince Henry he bear  better taste then his brother,  bringing this horried woman (Kate Middleton)as a royal chioce to meet his grandmother.I hope Hrh Prince Henry marrys a pure royal monarchy,then he will be the next king of england ,Bravo to future KM Henry of Britian (the future King of England)……

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